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Posted by Administrator on 14 March 2018 09:48 am

After sign in, go to profile page and complete your Personal Data.


1. Enter your desired nickname and full name as required.

2. Enter the bank details.

- Account holder name

- Account number

- Bank name

- Bank address (Nearest branch)

- Please ensure that the Beneficiary Name in the KYC is your name and no someone else's name.

- Pinkexc will not deposit to any other bank account other than the registered user's account.


3. Upload your KYC documents.

- Front and back faced identification card/IC

- Passport (non-Malaysian)



- Identification card/IC

- Passport


* To verify your account,please submit a high quality colour image of KYC document where your name and address of residency are clearly visible.

* An unedited picture taken from a camera/mobile will be great (.jpg file).

* Make sure that both your Identification Card/Passport documents are in your name.

* Wait for verification email from, meanwhile you can start to 

                deposit and trade while waiting the verification.


4. Setting up 2FA

Two-factor authentication keeps your account more secure by requiring both your password and your phone to login.

- Email Auth

- Google Auth

How to add Google Authenticator?

- Visit Play Store or App Store

- Search for Google Authenticator

- Download and install the application


Setting up the app

Log in to your account and go to your Profile Page to set up Google Authentication for your account. Go to "Add Google Authenticator" and click it.

- Copy Google Authenticator Key given as a backup.

- Open the Google Authenticator App and scan the QR code.

- Key in the 6 digit that appear on your mobile device to “ Google Authenticator Code” and click “ Active Google Authenticator”.

- If you did it correctly, you will see a GREEN notice saying "Google Authenticator was configured”.

- Go back to “My Data” choose and tick your desired process for the Goodle Authenticator.