Knowledgebase : Pinkexc Exchanger
How to Buy
Posted by Administrator on 14 March 2018 09:47 am

Step 1 : Select Exchange Tab


Step 2 : Choose Currency



Step 3 : Put in trade amount or you can set by percentage from your available balance.



Step 4 : Choose order

  • Market Order : Buy immediately for the best price available in market.
  • Limit Order : Set a number of currency at a specified price


Step 5 : Choose PNC

  • PNC : When you place a buy/sell order under LIMIT Amount there is an option to Pause or Cancel order.
  • Pause Order : Your order will be pause until you have enough balance in your account.
  • Cancel Order : Your order that was not done because of insufficient balance will be cancelled.


Step 6 : Click "Buy" Button