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Crowdfunding to Build Southeast Asia Crypto Currency ATM Network

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It's not everyday you get a high quality services or products from such a trusted source. We know that you don't put your good reputation on the line very easily. Our token swap had ended, so here, we would like to say thank you for putting your trust in us by choosing LIFE. Keep on supporting LIFE as we have more and better upcoming plans.

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About LIFE Token.

LIFE is a utility token to be used on PINKEXC platform. Life token is issued through crowdfunding to make crypto-currency and blockchain easier. Funds from LIFE token issuance will be used to develop several projects on the section below.

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Fiat-Crypto ATM Dispenser

A network of Cryto-Fiat Dispenser. 100 installation is planned across Southeast Asia.

Merchant Payment System

Merchants system which uses LIFE and other crypto. Stability provided by LIFE will provide confidence in merchant acceptance.

LIFE Foundation

To encourage Blockchain developement and charity arm of LIFE. Hackathon and grants for development.

Community Platform

Decentralized exchange > Community Insuretech > Funding and Vouching platform.

At a Glance

LIFE Token Sale Information

A total of 166,666,666 LIFE tokens will be generated. 130,653,595 LIFE tokens (78%) will be available for purchase. The remaining 22% of tokens and any unsold tokens will be held by PINKEXC(M) SDN. BHD. as part of a long-term operating budget.
LIFE Tokens are available for purchase using Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) only. Any other coins can be converted to ETH using Shapeshift that we provide on the payment window. All ETH and BTC sent to the address will go directly to PINKEXC.


166,666,666 Tokens Issued


120,653,595 Tokens to be Distributed


46,409,803.75 Tokens have been Distributed


1. Rights to ownership of property

2. Rights in transact without intermediaries

3. Rights to self-initiative

Meet Our Team


Fitry Daud

Eddie Rosidi

Farid Sany


Nani Jamal